One Same Breath

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Conrad , through these lines, makes us realize that every moment of our life is a precious and even…sacred moment.

Author: Konrad
330 pages – 16×24 cm – embossed cover
Publisher: Breath of the Worlds
ISBN: 978-2-9527812-1-3
EAN: 9782952781213

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Conrad , through “A Same Breath” , makes us realize that every moment of our life is a precious and even…sacred moment.

He is addressing humanity here in the name of Mother Earth, of the Great All, without distinction of color, age, or social, intellectual or religious rank, with the hope of deeply touching the conscience of each ‘between us. The message is powerful and delivered with humility.


The changes that Conrad proposes to us are the fruit of a great Universal wisdom that, just like him, we can integrate into our own lives. After having read this work written with the heart much more than with the pen, impossible to hide behind a multitude of excuses: we are the main actor of our future, that of our beautiful planet and of all that she wears.

Through the lines of this book “A Same Breath” , Conrad invites us to transform our vision of existence and to pose and weigh each of our thoughts, each of our actions in full consciousness.

The opening

The opening of our mind is the key that allows us to push the door of freedom, on an authentic and spiritual path. We are all connected and linked in the Great Whole. We are all responsible, young and old, for what the world of tomorrow will be like. “It’s not yet too late,” Conrad tells us, to change the course of things and achieve happiness in balance and harmony.

If you think you were drawn to this book or touched by its cover by chance, think again. Nothing is by chance. It means that you are ready to become the author of the sequel.

Change starts with you, with us, here and now…

Conrad transmits his teachings through seminars and conferences in several countries.

“Everyone is truly an actor, author and creator of their life… and of tomorrow. Everything is linked… by One and the same Breath”

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