Become aware, and move on…

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In this period of great change, human beings live in a society that confines them to a context that does not really correspond to them.
From childhood to adulthood, is the human being really himself?…

Author: Konrad
244 pages – 15×21 cm – embossed cover
Publisher: Breath of the Worlds
ISBN: 978-2-9527812-0-6
EAN: 9782952781206

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In this period of great change , human beings live in a society that confines them to a context that does not really correspond to them. This “pseudo-modern” society that he has created even prevents him to a large extent from making a journey towards himself, from knowing himself and becoming aware of the deep “Self”. He is obliged to be or to appear according to a distorted image which is not necessarily individual, but rather stereotyped. He thus walks on a path of comparisons and identifications, creating division, disunity and duality in himself and beyond himself, instead of unity.

From childhood to adulthood, is the human being really himself?

Become aware, and move on…

In his writings, through his vision imbued with wisdom and simplicity, Conrad invites us and helps us to improve the way we think, see and act. In all humility, he opens doors to ourselves and to everything around us.

Conrad also allows us to understand that the elements, nature, each living being and each moment of life offer wonderful lessons, in the truth of the present moment, at each moment, at each step on our path, also allowing us to find Peace and Harmony with the inner “Self”, in a simple, authentic way, which is essential to discover for our personal and collective evolution and for Humanity.

A path towards Self, towards the Whole, towards Unity, in Consciousness. . .

“One of the most beautiful and noble paths that human beings can take is the one that leads them to themselves.”

Become aware, and move on…

Important note from the author:

At the time I wrote this book and when it was finalized in 2008, I was using the word ” injury ” to refer to various traumas throughout life. As I realized and deepened my understanding of human suffering, I saw that these were not wounds at all, but memories. Although the word wound is used vulgarly in spiritual circles, it remains a psychological and basic notion of the partial and minimalist understanding of the human being.

The various traumas, the trials of life, since childhood are all memories that are inscribed in the psyche of the human being, in the cells, but also in a subtle way. These memories are awakened over time, depending on the stimuli you may encounter on your path. I call “stimuli” the people, trials, contexts, events that you may encounter along your evolution, and that awaken memories of all the things that are not pacified in you. I call “unpacified” everything that you have not yet made peace with. It is not a matter of “separating” or “freeing” something, but of making peace with it. This is part of my teaching.

So, in this book, I invite you to change the word “wounds” to the word “memories”, quite simply. You will then understand that by using this term, a liberation begins, that of an illusion that you carry wounds.

With all my dedication


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