The Conrad Ca Christmas pack


For this end of the year, we offer you the Christmas pack: “Be Aware and Move On”“One Breath” . – and “The Voice of the Elders”

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For the end of year celebrations, offer this beautiful box. We offer you the pack of 3 books by Conrad CA : “Be aware and move forward”“A Same Breath” . – “The Voice of the Ancients”

The Voice of the Elders – A reawakened memory
In this book, the ancients manifest “their voices”, addressing the “modern people”, through a reawakened memory. These writings are far from being a story, or even a novel…

Author: Konrad
242 pages – 16×24 cm – embossed cover
Publisher: Breath of the Worlds
ISBN: 978-2-9527812-2-0
EAN: 9782952781220

Become aware, and move on…
In this period of great change, human beings live in a society that confines them to a context that does not really correspond to them… From childhood to adulthood, are human beings really themselves? same?…

Author: Konrad
244 pages – 15×21 cm – embossed cover
publisher: Breath of the Worlds
ISBN: 978-2-9527812-0-6
EAN: 9782952781206

One Same Breath
Conrad, through this book, makes us realize that every moment of our life is a precious and even…sacred moment.

Author: Konrad
330 pages – 16×24 cm – embossed cover
publisher: Breath of the Worlds
ISBN: 978-2-9527812-1-3
EAN: 9782952781213

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